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Sponsored Feature: A-Class Pulse Changers and their success stories

8th Sep 2014 2:45 pm

Mercedes A-Class stands for the new generation of achievers who strive for success in lifestyle and business. We celebrate their passion for excellence.



Arzan gave the world a new terminology, ‘scraptures’. It came from Khambatta’s signature sculptures, where he used scrap metal to weld together works of art.

He studied to be an architect like his father, and even joined his father’s firm after graduation. But while still in school, he had been bitten by a bug after attending a vacation art class by artist Anand Mohan Naik at the workshop of the late sculptor, AdiDavierwala. Working on clay, paper mache and wood, Arzan discovered the joys of the different materials. But it was the scraps, the incomplete sculptures, the tools and books scattered around the sculptor’s studio, that cast a spell on Khambatta. So, despite holding an architect’s degree, Arzan decided to turn to sculpting. In 1983, he sold his first sculpture, the Horse Head, to the late architect, Dara Mistry. In 1993, he held his first solo exhibition at the Jehangir Gallery in Mumbai.

Arzan has stopped using scrap metal for his sculptures after 1996. He now sculpts from metal sheets, straps, rods and pipes that are twisted, beaten and textured to give the desired effect. But the name ‘scraptures’ still sticks on with Khambatta. Today, ArzanKhambatta’s works are found not only in private collections, but can also be seen in many public spaces and buildings.

Arzan Khambatta can no doubt understand the A-Class’ sculptural form better than most, but it doesn’t take a trained artist’s eye to appreciate the car’s evocative styling and design. You can think of the A-Class as a street-legal museum piece. 


Esha Hanspal

Since she was a kid, Esha always wanted an audience. So it’s little wonder that she got her post-graduation degree in journalism and mass communication from the Xavier Institute of Communications. After her graduation, she was hired by the international sports channel Neo Sports, where she developed her love for sports journalism. In a field that was dominated by men, this young woman had her task cut out for her.

An adrenalin junkie who thrives on adventure sports,  Esha started out with a daily live show called Sports Zone,
a comprehensive sports bulletin talking about the day’s happenings across all forms of sports. Over the years, Esha has gone through the entire spectrum – live chat shows, bulletins, long format features, on field shows, et al. They have included popular shows like Sports Zone, Greatest Cricket Matches Ever Played, Tadka Mark, Dial S for Sports and more.

EshaHanspal is now the face of sports on Times Now and hosted the recently concluded 2014 FIFA World Cup on the channel. Esha is amongst the new breed of sports anchors who have breached the once exclusive men-only zone and edged out the men in grey suits. 

Esha knows a thing or two about performance. There is no glory in second place. Perhaps that’s why she would appreciate the A-Class’ attitude of always playing to win.



Priyesh Patel’s first love is nature, and he wanted to become a horticulturist.
But a chance visit to an audiophile friend’s home in 1995 fructified into a lifelong affair with hi-fi systems.

In the mid-1990s, the hi-fi industry in India was at a very nascent stage. Audio lovers had to resort to dubious grey channels or beg and plead
with their NRI relatives. But after getting hooked on to his friend’s hi-fi system, Priyesh decided that this was his true calling. In 1995, Priyesh Patel started Lakozy with a modest but focussed business plan. Lakozy quickly became the destination of choice for like-minded audiophiles. The eclectic mix of brands makes
it a favourite amongst audio purists and connoisseurs.

Bagging exclusive distribution rights to premier brands such as PSB and NAD was a feather in his cap. These brands not only have the heritage that made them aspirational, but they are also affordable enough for budding audiophiles to truly experience the value of good sound.

Priyesh Patel started small, but today, he is one of the most respected names in the hi-fi industry. He has made Lakozy the leader in high-end audio-video that offers complete solutions for home-theatre, automation design and installation.

It takes a man like Priyesh Patel to truly appreciate the refined acoustics of the A-Class’s entertainment system. It’s designed keeping in mind a purist who appreciates life’s finer things.

Priyesh Patel, a sound business story.


Bhumicka Singh is a young girl in a hurry. She wants to spread the message of fitness. Not just in India, but across the world. An obese child, she turned to fitness in college, and found her calling in life. A graduate of LeenaMogre’s Fitness Academy, Bhumicka is today a certified aerobics, fitness and health expert.

Bhumicka wants the world to be a fitter place. This fitness evangelist believes in using every platform she can get to spread the message. From personal consults to seminars and corporate events. Her website is a popular destination for people looking for answers on health and fitness.  From demystifying what nutrition labels on foods really say to debunking popular myths about exercising to guiding you to run a marathon, you will find it all on her website www.bhumicka.com. You will also find celebrities like SonuSood sharing their fitness secrets on her website. She also contributes to First Fit, a UAE publication that promotes the cause in that region.

Bhumicka is also the face of the French perfume manufacturer Giovanni Bacci. Yes, she is a model too.

Bhumicka understands the amount of hard work it takes to look good. Like the work that goes behind every A-Class to give you a car that not only looks good but can also take on the rigours of the road without breaking out in a sweat. 




Sonia Mackwani believes that she can change the world. And it’s this belief that led her to start ‘Touching Lives’ in 2003 even as she was doing her graduation in psychology. Today, Touching Lives is helping people in community development by looking after the education and empowerment of slum kids in Mumbai. Sonia says that the mission of Touching Lives is
to set up resources for every child to achieve being independent learners in a unique way that they explore individually for themselves.

While Sonia was setting up her NGO, she completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology and got a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She also authored a book for children called ‘Tales from Indian Mythology – Ramayana and Mahabharata’. She is also the trustee of AtmviswasVidyalaya, a rehab center for mental illness at Valsad in Gujarat. And to top it off, she is also a radio jockey! Her unyielding efforts towards her work and making a difference to people’s lives
gave her a platform to be a
TED Speaker.

Sonia serves the needy because of her need to serve, and not because they need to be served. Sonia’s engagement with the world is shared by Mercedes. That’s why it feels responsible for the protection of natural resources and for providing sustainable and efficient technologies. 



Today you need not have a television set to watch television. You can catch all the action on your mobile phone. The way the world is consuming  information and connecting to entertainment is changing. Abhishek Joshi, the CEO of Gurgaon-based Zenga TV, is at the forefront of this change. Zenga TV is a mobile TV service with live video streaming for TV channels, other entertainment, reality shows and news content.

Abhishek is a media veteran with 13 years of varied experience across print, broadcast, movies and digital space. He believes that media, both traditional and digital, have enormous power to create value for society and empower the people. As CEO of a growing dynamic business in the sunrise entertainment space, Abhishek Joshi is writing the rules and setting the benchmarks for the business to follow.

With the phenomenal growth of smartphones in India, Abhishek is upbeat about the future of the digital space. Later this year, India will become the world’s second-largest base of internet users, crossing 300 million users, driven mostly through cellphone access, overtaking the United States and second only to China.

For a man living at the forefront of technology, Abhishek is rightly poised to fully appreciate the technology that makes the A-Class special. This is a car that has been designed today for tomorrow’s  generation. 


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