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Sponsored feature: OWNING THE BEST. MADE EASY

1st Apr 2015 10:31 am

SPONSORED FEATURE: We tell you how easy it is to own a Mercedes-Benz


Owning a Mercedes-Benz. This is something everyone, at some point of their lives, has dreamt about. And why not. Driving a Star is experiencing luxury at its best. But it does not stop there. Owning a Mercedes-Benz is a fantastic experience which extends beyond the car itself. Why? Because Mercedes-Benz has set never-before-heard standards for luxury cars the world over. It has created innovative initiatives and services that enhance every aspect of ownership. Mercedes-Benz Financial provides attractive finance options that make acquiring a car easy. Later, when you feel like upgrading your Star, Mercedes-Benz Certified ensures you receive the best value for your current car. Several programmes for owners have not existed before in India and all the stages of owning a Star - pre-sales, sales, after-sales and beyond - are integrated into one seamless experience. Take a look at the world of the Star.

The best is unmatched.

Finance @9.99%  for New Generation Cars with Mercedes-Benz Financial.

 All it takes is one look. And you're excited. The New Generation Cars look stunning. Step inside and you'll be in their thrall. The A-Class, B-Class, GLA-Class and the CLA-Class each thrill to the very core. And thanks to the scrupulously analysed and thoughtfully created offers from Mercedes-Benz Financial, buying them is also an unmatched experience. With tailor-made solutions that suit individual needs and a dedicated finance and insurance manager providing personalised service, you definitely get the best. And since you're buying the best, it makes perfect sense. Also making perfect sense is the 9.99% interest rate. But if you want to drive the Star without buying it, there are other exciting programmes like Star Lease. Then you can guarantee future value for your car and protect your car with special insurance solutions with the Star Agility programme. Everything has been put together in a way that ensures you will always experience the pleasure of driving the best.


The Best in every Kilometre.

Service Package starting @ Rs 1.99/km.

Intelligence realises the importance of value over cost. Top priority for Mercedes-Benz has always been delivering incredible value. With the New Generation Cars, it has been taken a step further. Exclusive service packages make the cost of ownership as low as Rs1.99/kilometre. Living with a Star is extremely affordable. Now, find a good reason to not drive your dream Star

The Best experience is also worry-less.

2 Year Standard Warranty + 1 Year Complementary Warranty + 1 Year Extended Warranty.

RsSpecial things require special attention. Which is why Mercedes-Benz offers highly affordable service packages with warranty programmes that include 2 years standard warranty plus 1 year complimentary warranty under their STAR CARE programme. The STAR CARE Plus programme offers all of the same plus an additional 1 year extended warranty. This means Star owners get a 4-year warranty without any mileage restrictions. Obviously, there's an entire range of benefits which come as standard. The STAR CARE Plus programme protects your car from as low as Rs 22,000 onwards. Mercedes-Benz, as you see, continues to extend the best experience.

The Best in Service.

On road assistance for 3 Years (Standard) + 2 Years (Extended).

The best provide the kind of support that others don't. Mercedes-Benz is the only luxury car manufacturer that offers round-the-clock On-Road Assistance for 3 years from the purchase of a Star as a standard offering. Some of the privileges included are free pick-ups from the breakdown location, medical co-ordination in case of accidents and free hotel accommodation in case of vehicle immobilisation*. What if you want to extend this programme for a 4th or even a 5th year? It's only Rs 3,999* per year. So no matter what, you'll always receive the best assistance.*Terms and Conditions apply.

The Best Experience always.

100% peace of mind with Mercedes-Benz Certified.

The value of owning a Star never diminishes. Mercedes-Benz Certified gives you exclusive trade-in offers which let you sell any car you own and get the best price for it. In case you plan to part with your Star, you still receive the best. This is because with a wide range of warranties and world-class services, your car has already received the best care. And things that matter to prospective buyers, like condition of the car, number of kilometres run and body and fuel type, always work out in your favour. So, when you plan to upgrade your Star, or even sell it, you will still get the best deal.

The advantages of trading in your car with Mercedes-Benz Certified.

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