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Shah Rukh Khan: “I do my own stunt driving”

8th Jul 2016 11:50 am

An avid driving enthusiast, the Bollywood actor prefers doing his own car stunts in his movies.


Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan is a huge fan of James Bond and nurtures a dream of playing the British Secret Service agent some day. While he may not have realised his dream just yet, he certainly shares a characteristic with Daniel Craig, the current 007; that of doing his own stunt driving.

“I do most of the car stunts myself. But I have to learn them, so I take training from the drivers. I’ve gone through a huge bomb blast… I can also complete a nearly 360 degrees spin in a car,” he tells Autocar India in a candid chat.

In fact, the actor, who pulled off some action-packed sequences in Dilwale last year, even tweeted that, "Doing some really cool car stunts and have to thank the team of guys who take such high risks to get the shots. Quite awesome. " Notably, Khan raced a Formula Maruti car in Baazigar, one of his career’s early hits.  

While Khan is a keen driving enthusiast, he admits he’s not a car geek. His garage includes cars such as the BMW 7-series, the 6-series convertible, an A6 and a Rolls-Royce. The latest addition to his ever-expanding garage? A BMW i8.

“I get the opportunity to drive normally at night because the traffic is less. It’s not to drive beyond speed limits, but because it is just easier with not too many people around. Sometimes, when people see me in a car or motorcycle, they follow and road safety becomes a hassle,” he says.

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