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Self-drive service from CIPL: Additional FAQs

2nd Jan 2015 2:56 pm

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE: Self-driving holidays. Now possible, affordable and desirable.


1.    Do I have to return the car to the same location where I picked it up?
Yes, currently the cars car needs to be dropped at the same location where it was picked from.
2.    Does the car come with a driver?
3.    Do the vehicles have manual or automatic transmission?
Mahindra Reva e2o, Mercedes C & E class are automatic transmission cars while all other comes with manual transmission.
4.   How much does it cost?
The vehicle rent starts from Rs.99/hr(inclusive fuel), Rs399/day
Check here for more details at www.carzonrent.com/myles
5.  What type of driver's license is required?
A regular private driving license
6.  What information must I provide before I can make a vehicle reservation?
All regular reservation details like name, contact number, email id, pick up & drop date & time, etc
7.   Can I book for any period of time?
Yes. It can be booked for even 2 hours, a day, a week or months.
8.     How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?
3 hours before the pick-up time
9.     What if I need to modify or extend my reservation?
It can be done on the website or the reservation center
10.   How do I cancel a reservation?
11.   If I cancel my reservation, do I still have to pay?
Yes, the cancellation charges would apply as below
For Daily/weekly/monthly reservations
More than 24hrs from the pick-up time :  no charges
Less than 24hrs to the pickup time : 1 day rental
After pick-up time : full charge, no refund
More than 24hrs from the pick-up time :  no charges
Less than 24hrs to the pickup time: full charge, no refund
After pick-up time : full charge, no refund
12.   What happens if I return the car late?
There will be an extra charge as per the defined policy
13.   What happens if someone else returns the car late, and it is not there when my reservation begins?
Though these instances do not happen, in case it does, we will have an alternate car ready for you.
14.   I need to drop off the car at a different location, can I do that?
No, this is feature is not available currently.
15.   What modes of payments are accepted?
Credit/debit card and Netbanking
16.   What documents do I need to bring when I pick up my vehicle?
You need to show the original Passport/Voters ID card, a valid Driving License & also a credit card with sufficient balance for standing instructions. A copy of each need to be submitted while picking up the car.
17.   Can somebody else drive the vehicle during my reservation?
18.   What do I do if I am in an accident?
We suggest you to immediately contact us at 18002099192 & inform the local police as well.
Damage cost up to INR 5,000 is to be paid by the customer on actuals. In case of a damage over Rs.5000, insurance claim will be filed and depreciation amount and parts which are not covered under insurance will be borne by the customer. The assessment of damage made by the Company will be final
19.   What do I do if the vehicle breaks down?
While all our cars are new, in case the car breaks down, you can call our 24*7 help desk 18002099192 and we will assist you further.
20.   Who pays for fuel?
While the hourly booking comes with some included kms, anything over and above those have to be paid by the customer as per the car type. In case of a daily/weekly/monthly booking, the customer bears the fuel charges In all cases, we provide the car with a full tank.
21.   Is there a km limit to how much I can drive?
No, the customer is free to drive the car for unlimited kms
22.   What are the requirements when I drive across a State border?
We equip all our cars and customers with the requisite documents for them to drive anywhere in the geographical limits of India.
23.   What documents must I show at the State border RTO office after crossing a State border?
24.   What is the amount I must pay at a State border crossing to obtain a permit and legally enter the State?
The state taxes will be as per the applicable law of the state and to be paid by the customers on actuals.
25.   What do I do if a border officer at the State RTO crossing is causing a problem?
Though the officer would not trouble post seeing the documents. In case he does, we suggest you to contact the Myles representative immediately.
26.   Who pays for parking?
The customer pays for the parking on actuals.
27.   Am I responsible for parking and moving violations?
28.   Do I have to pay a security deposit?
Yes, there is security deposit required at the time of car pick-up. The amount varies as per the car type.
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