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Self-drive service from CIPL

18th Feb 2015 7:48 am

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE: Self-driving holidays. Now possible, affordable and desirable.


You have a long weekend ahead of you, the perfect time for a short driving holiday. But perhaps you don't own a car. Or your car is too small for your family. Or at the workshop. Now, you can rent a self-drive car in India. You can rent anything from a Nano to an E-Class. You can rent it by the day, by the week or by the month. And you are sure to find a vehicle within your budget. Plus it's easy. As simple as clicking the mouse. Let's take a look at it in a little more detail.

Myles, a self-drive service from Carzonrent, does just that. It offers the service in 20 cities across the country. Let's take a look at the nuts and bolts of how this works.

1.       What is Myles?

India’s first self-drive service where one not only takes control of the wheels but also the quest.

2.       Where are Myles vehicles located?

The vehicles are located at multiple convenient locations in the city. 43 locations in Delhi NCR, 25 in Bangalore & similarly other cities.

Click here for the location details http://goo.gl/zpoGnD

3.       What type of vehicles does Myles offer?

Myles currently offers a variety of 33 car models starting from an e2o, Nano, Swift, Polo, Innova, Sunny, XUV500, Endeavour, Fortuner to a Mercedes E Class.

4.       How do I book my car?

A Myles car can be booked by

Logging on to www.carzonrent.com

Or calling our 24*7 reservation desk at 0888 222 2222

5.       Are there restrictions on where I can travel?

No, you can travel anywhere in the India geographical limits.

For more FAQs, click here



Delhi to Jim Corbett National Park

Distance: 250 km approx

Time: 5-hours approx

Ideal car: A good  powerful SUV will help make good time and also help you tackle the broken tarmac you'll find in places. A good drive mostly along four-laned highways and few country roads. But the road condition deteriorates in places.

Need to know: The park is open from 15th November to 15th June.

What to expect: Jungle safaris, elephant rides, the chance to see birds and a good chance to see the tiger.

Destination details: Jim Corbett National Park is set in the foothills of the Himalayas and named after the legendary hunter turned conservationist. Today, this tiger reserve covers 1,318 square kilometers and also includes Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary and Kalagarh Reserve forest. The best time to spot tigers is April to June, but regular sightings happen during other times too. The park has plenty of interesting fauna, including bears, wild boars, mongooses, snakes, jackals and leopards. You can spend your weekend going on elephant rides within the park and for treks in the reserve forests around the park. Fishing is allowed in the Ramganga, Kosi, Mandal and Kothri Rivers. Many resorts have rods for hire and will arrange permits.

Ideal for: An extended family holiday or for animal enthusiasts and photographers.

Suggested place to stay: Aahana the Corbett Wilderness (www.aahanaresort.com)

Bengaluru to Bandipur Tiger Sanctuary

Distance: 220 km approx

Time:  4hours 30 minutes  approx

Ideal car: Big hatchback or sedan. This kind of a car is ideal for the road from Bengaluru to Bandipur is quite straightforward. Be prepared for a few traffic snarls around Mandya, Mysore and Nanjanagoodu. You should always drive very slowly once you enter the sanctuary, since there is a good chance of spotting elephants and deer, if not a tiger.

Need to know: The National Highway passes through Bandipur national park . This road is closed for vehicles in some stretches between 9 pm to 6 am.

What to expect: A quick, four-hour-or-so drive. Early morning and early afternoon jungle safaris, the chance of spotting a tiger, peace and quiet and general downtime.

Destination details: Bandipur Tiger Sanctuary lies within the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, straddling both sides of the Mysore-Ooty highway that runs through it. The safaris in the park can yield wonders like birds, herds of elephants and bison. A tiger sighting is rare but not impossible.

Ideal for: Families who want to introduce the wonders of the natural world to their kids; a weekend break for a couple; a weekend to indulge in a hobby like bird watching or photography.

Suggested place to stay: The Serai at Bandipur (www.theserai.in).

Chennai to Puducherry

Distance: 170 km approx

Time:  3hours 30 minutes  approx

Ideal car: A small hatchback will do just fine, since the distance is short and the road straight and smooth.

Need to know: You can also spend half a day or so at Mahabalipuram which is between Chennai and Pondy. It is known for its temples, laidback cafés and for its fantastic seafood fresh from the catch.

What to expect: An easy weekend taking in some beaches, long lazy lunches at cool cafés, a slice of France and a few slices of pizza.

Destination details:  It might seem a little boring to go from one city to another for a weekend break but then Pondy is not your regular city. The old town is quite small by Indian standards and in the form of a rectangle grid, laid out by the French during their rule. In fact, French influence is still quite evident from the street signs, bakeries and coffee shops. Even the police here still wear the familiar French Kepi — flat-topped hats, and the streets are called Rue. The promenade is a good place to stroll down, taking in views of the Bay of Bengal, and sights worth seeing are the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception and Eglilse de Notre Dame de Agnes.

Ideal for: A short, relaxed break from Chennai just to indulge in some good food and wine, take languid walks by the sea and generally do nothing.

Suggested place to stay: Dune Eco Beach Resort (www.duneecogroup.com)

Mumbai to Mandu

Distance: 520km km approx

Time:  9hours  approx

Ideal car: A big engined eager cruiser. Something that will revel in being thrown around the Nashik ghat and also eat miles rapidly. Drive to Nashik on Friday evening and stay the night there. The next day’s 422km drive to Mandu should take about 6 hours.

Need to know: 496km after Mulund toll, take left from NH3. It's easy to miss. Look for Hotel Palash at the corner.

What to expect: Nice drive on the way; beautiful architecture and historic buildings.

Destination details:  Mandu is an ancient ruined and abandoned city that is best visited during the monsoon. It has been in existence since the 6th century, but it really came into prominence during the 16th century when it was battled over by Baz Bahadur, Hemu and then later Akbar. That it was an important military outpost is quite apparent by the huge battlements that surround it. Within these are a number of mosques, Jain temples, tombs and palaces. The palace that Baz Bahadur built for the love of his life – Rani Roopmati is especially worth seeing. And their story as told by the guides there is very poignant.

Ideal for: Culture vultures, those who don’t mind long hours on the road, and those who love to drive.

Suggested place to stay: Hotel Rupmati (Ph.: 07292/26-3270)

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