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Sponsored Feature: Motul launches fully synthetic Eco-Tec 5W30 car engine oil

4th Nov 2020 6:13 pm

The new fully synthetic oil can aid in protecting the engine against low speed pre-ignition and prevent engine wear.


Motul has become the first brand in India to launch a product called ECO-TEC 5W-30, that conforms to API’s (American Petroleum Institute) latest specification API SP, and ILSAC GF 6A standards for petrol-powered cars and SUVs.

ECO-TEC 5W-30 is a fully synthetic engine oil that is also suitable for use in cars fitted with BS VI-engines. The advantages of using a product that meets the API SP, ILSA GF-6A standards include prevention of engine wear, protection against LSPI (Low speed pre-ignition) and timing chain wear, efficient engine operation and improved fuel economy.

LSPI is a premature combustion event, occurring prior to spark ignition in turbocharged, downsized petrol engines. It is believed to be caused by droplets or particles in the combustion chamber – a combination of fuel and oil – that ignite prior to spark, resulting in uncontrolled, abnormal combustion. This creates spikes in engine pressure, ultimately causing internal engine damage. In some cases, it is reported that just a single LSPI event was sufficient to cause engine damage.

API SP, ILSAC GF-6A oils are backwards compatible with previous API categories. These standards meet the stringent requirements set by global OEMs, and lead to low maintenance costs.

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