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Me and My Cars: Gurtaj Kahlon

1st Dec 2019 9:00 am

We speak to Gurtaj Kahlon, Managing Director, Imkemex about his current cars and his automotie wish list.


What are you driving?

I’m driving a G63 - because I was tired of being careful on Mumbai roads in my 911. The G63 takes in its stride any kind of roads one throws at it. I also drive a BMW 7 Series when I am in the mood for luxury and occasionally, a Mahindra E2O.

What’s next on your wish list?

A 911 Turbo Cabriolet or the Turbo S.

The most fun you’ve had in a car?

Driving my Mercedes-Benz SLK from Ajmer to Jaipur on the seven-lane highway. It was quite a sensational experience, especially in winter with the Merc’s top down and sun shining.

The most fun in a car Kahlon had was in his yellow SLK.

Dream money no object car?

A 1938 SS Jaguar 100 because of its sheer beauty and timeless lines.

Who is your all time greatest motorsport hero?

Nigel Mansell, also known as, ‘Il Leone’ (The Lion) for his fearless driving style.

Favourite road?

Mumbai to Manor in Maharashtra, due to high-speed curves and nice views.  

What’s on your automotive bucket list?

Driving from Casablanca to Timbuktu.  

What would you do with your last litre of fuel?

It wouldn’t matter. Will just park my cars and continue to enjoy their design.

Your ideal five-car garage would be?

1. SS Jaguar 100

2. Mercedes-AMG G 63

3. Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet

4. Tesla Model S

5. The World War II Ford GPW with Willys design 

What was your first car?

Maruti Gypsy back in 1992 .

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