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  • Ride and handling is the Swift’s core highlight and makes...
    Ride and handling is the Swift’s core highlight and makes it a delight to drive.
  • Plastics and materials in certain areas feel flimsy. Elec...
    Plastics and materials in certain areas feel flimsy. Electricals prone to wear.
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Buying used: (2011-2018) Maruti Suzuki Swift

21st May 2018 8:00 am

Maruti’s second-gen blockbuster still attracts just as many buyers as it did when it was new. But what are its problem areas? We tell you.


GOOD FOR: Easy driving manners, features list

LOOK OUT FOR: Body rattle, worn-out suspension

Ever since its launch 13 years ago, the Maruti Suzuki Swift has had an enviable run in India. The demand for the car has been consistent and the recently launched new-gen car has already worked up a long waiting list. Typically, a good sustained demand in the new car market means that resale values stay high, and this is the case with the Swift too.

So, if you’re looking for a used second-generation Swift, a good example will still cost you Rs 3.5-4 lakh. However, given the sheer volume that the car sold, finding a good example is anything but difficult. The second-generation Swift has been around for seven years now and Maruti gave it regular updates to keep it fresh. It also got a minor facelift in 2014, which brought in slight changes to the engine and design. The engines in the facelift may be a tad low on power, but this helps with fuel efficiency. It got additions like split folding seats, a touchscreen system and different wheel designs. If you manage to grab one of the special variants like the ‘RS’ or ‘Windsong Edition’, expect a slightly higher asking price.

Maruti Swift engine
The second-gen model got a 87hp 1.2 petrol engine.

Being a Maruti, the Swift’s hassle-free nature and reliability can be taken for granted, but there are some issues you need to be aware of before you buy one.

The company had issued a recall in October 2013 for 592 models of the Swift manufactured between October 19 and 26, 2013. This was done to fix a problem with the steering wheel assembly, and was carried out for free. So if you’re looking at an example from that time, get this checked. Also, check for fuel smell in the car. Another recall was initiated for 13,593 models, manufactured between November 12, 2013, and February 4, 2014. This was to sort out a fuel filler cap issue, which was again a free replacement. While on a test drive, see if the example experiences a loss in power and if it struggles during acceleration. A faulty throttle body sensor is likely to be the cause and it’ll cost you Rs 3,500 to replace. Also, check the suspension as the strut bushes and stabilisers wear out as early as 30,000km. You’ll have to shell out around Rs 1,500 to replace these. Other general checks include power window switches, electricals and brake pads. Being a Maruti, however, the Swift is easy on the wallet. Parts and service is inexpensive and costs between Rs 5,000-6,000, with annual insurance priced at Rs 13,000.


Buyer beware …

Suspension wear
While on a test drive, find a broken road to drive over. Owners have complained about premature suspension wear.

Brake wear
Brake pads in the front also tend to wear out soon if the car in question has been driven hard. Check for good bite from the brakes. A new set will cost you Rs 3,000.

Maruti Swift brake pad
Front brake pads tend to wear out soon.

Also worth knowing

If the car in question is struggling to accelerate cleanly and has an uneven power delivery, it is most likely to be due to a faulty throttle body sensor. A few owners have complained about these wearing out soon, so check that as well. Replacing it will cost around Rs 3,500. Also, make sure to check parts like the fuel filler cap and steering rack.

Maruti Swift
Make sure to check parts like the fuel filler cap and steering rack.

How much to spend

Rs 3.8-4.2 lakh
For around Rs 4 lakh, you’ll get the mid-spec VXi trim. While this gets you decent kit, it’s better if you can get your hands on a top ZXI trim. Yes, it would cost you about Rs 20,000 more, but that gets you alloy wheels, fog lamps and an audio system with Bluetooth and Aux.

Buying used: (2011-2018) Maruti Suzuki Swift
Years produced2011-2018
Price when newRs 5.53 lakh
Engine 4 cyls, 1197cc
Power 87hp
Torque 113.75Nm
Top speed 168kph
Economy 12.6/17kpl (City/Highway)

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