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Buying used: (2011-2015) Toyota Etios sedan

9th Dec 2017 7:00 am

The Etios brings with it a strong engine, space and practicality, and brand reliability. We tell you how to pick the best used example.


GOOD FOR: Comfort, practicality, strong engine

LOOK OUT FOR: Suspension wear, drained battery

Back in 2010, when Toyota launched the Etios, the opinion about the car was divided. It was critiqued for its bland styling and interiors that weren’t inviting at all. This didn’t help with the sales numbers as dealers struggled to find buyers. However, this has earned the Etios an advantage in the used-car market. The low demand has resulted in a drop in the prices for used examples, and if you search carefully, you could score a bulletproof car with money to spare.

Toyota also launched a racier-looking variant called the ‘TRD Sportivo’, which essentially featured cosmetic additions like smoked alloy wheels, body graphics, a lip spoiler, side skirts and new seat fabric. Only 1,200 of these were made so they command a slightly higher price than the standard cars. In 2013, the Etios got a facelift which featured a newly modified grille, higher ground clearance, and height-adjust for the driver’s seat, music system with USB, Aux and a new AC control panel. A few months later, the carmaker introduced the Xclusive trim which got you Bluetooth-equipped audio system, dual-tone upholstery and rear parking sensors.

The following year, two new trims were added to the line-up – VD and VD SP. These variants got front fog lamps, new alloy wheels and more chrome garnish, whereas the VD SP trim was offered with a leather-wrapped steering wheel with mounted audio controls and dual airbags. Another facelift came in a few months that gave buyers an LCD screen, a cooled glovebox, rear parking sensors and a new grille design. The year 2015 saw yet another ‘Xclusive’ edition, which came with a touchscreen infotainment system, navigation and screen gesture control for the audio.

Now, as reliable as Toyota’s reputation is, a few issues did crop up on the Etios. There was an unofficial recall for models manufactured until October 2013 to change a faulty inner pipe which was prone to cracks and leakage. Another area to look out for is the suspension. The front suspension is prone to early wear and it costs around Rs 15,000 to repair it; so make sure it’s in good shape as well. Also, check the battery as quite a few examples have reported sudden power loss, especially models manufactured between 2011 and 2012. Lastly, check the brakes for squeaks and make sure the AC cools the cabin well.


Buyer beware …

Front suspension
The diesel version is known to have early suspension wear so make sure you check that out. Replacing the entire front suspension will cost around Rs 15,000.

Brake wear
Look for squeaks or rough grinding sounds during braking. The brake pads are known to wear early and a set of four costs Rs 2,900.

Battery drain
There have been plenty of complaints about the battery draining due to the boot lamp not switching off. Have this checked.

Also worth knowing

The Etios diesel was recalled to replace a faulty fuel filler pipe after numerous complaints of fuel leakage. This replacement was done free of cost and it takes under an hour to complete.

How much to spend

Rs 3-4.5 lakh
If you’re looking at older models (2011-2012), it is advisable to spend no more than Rs 3-3.25 lakh, depending on the variant. However, if the model is a newer-gen facelift with more equipment, you could stretch it to about Rs 3.75-4 lakh. Pay a maximum of Rs 4.5 lakh only if the car is no older than three years and in very good condition. 

Years produced 2011-2015
Price when newFrom Rs 6.44 lakh
Engine 4 cyls, 1364cc
Power 69hp
Torque 170Nm
0-100kph 15.88sec
Top speed 163kph
Economy 14.2/19kpl (City/Highway)

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