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Branded Content: Personal Accident Cover - Your Saviour on Indian Roads

18th Aug 2020 8:00 pm

With the road conditions in India, its a good idea to have Personal Accident Cover.


Being the second most populated country in the world, it is given that India will be ranked first in both, good and in bad things. India is the largest consumer of two-wheelers in the world. Because of congested roads and continuous traffic, Indian people prefer two-wheelers over four-wheelers. Bikes can easily make their way from traffic and a congested road. However, India also ranks first when it comes to the most road accidents in the world. Continuous traffic, poor infrastructure, congested roads, carelessness of some people are the reason behind so many road accidents. 

Yes, it is true that in recent times the Indian government has taken steps to reduce the number of accidents. One of the most popular and talked about change was the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019. The government of India brought changes in the act by increasing penalty fines for the defaulters, stricter traffic rules, compulsory motor insurance policy, and much more. 

These changes have surely dropped the number of road accidents. However, an unfortunate event like a road accident can happen anytime, anywhere. So, it is your responsibility to be prepared for any unfortunate event. You can financially secure yourself and your bike easily if you buy two wheeler insurance online with personal accident cover. Let’s discuss this in detail: 

Why Should You Opt For Personal Accidental Cover?

Given below are the reasons why you should opt for personal accidental cover. 

  • In case of your untimely demise due to an accident, the personal accidental cover will provide compensation to the dependents. 
  • If you are permanently or temporarily disabled in an accident, it will severely affect your job and can cause major financial distress. However, if you opt for personal accidental cover, you will get 100% compensation in case of permanent disability, and in case of temporary or partial disability, the compensation amount depends on your insurance company. 
  • This personal accidental cover also offers hospitalization cash benefits in case the policyholder is hospitalized due to a road accident. However, you will only get cash benefits for a maximum of 50 days. 
  • A two wheeler insurance also offers 24×7 bike roadside assistance. So, you don’t have to worry about towing the bike from the spot of the accident. All will be taken care of by your bike insurance provider.  

Some Exclusions

Given below are some of the conditions in which you can’t make a claim under personal accidental cover:

  • You can’t make a claim if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol while the accident happens. 
  • The cause of injury or death is due to violating traffic safety rules.
  • A deliberate accident to get the insurance claim.

Opting for a personal accident cover is good way to enhance your bike insurance coverage. There are several other add-ons that will give your several benefits at an affordable premium rate. Add-ons like No Claim Bonus or NCB, Zero Depreciation Cover, Engine Protection Cover, etc. are some of the highly advisable add-ons, you should buy with insurance plan. Now that you know how important it is to buy two wheeler insurance with personal accidental cover, get yours today.

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