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Branded content: Land Rover Defender: Workstation, play station

29th Apr 2021 11:35 am

Land Rover's latest Defender is far more versatile than its predecessors and can be both, a work and play station.


The Land Rover Defender needs no introduction. The latest Defender, like the ones before it, will be the vehicle of choice for expeditions, military ops, and personal adventures. The new Defender, which pays homage to the spirit of Land Rover and yet conveys a sense of being contemporary, has a lot going for it. With its short overhangs, upright stance, and tall all-terrain tyres blended with subtle curves and tasteful detailing, the Defender, which was recently crowned the 2021 World Car Design of the Year, has an arresting presence. Its cabin is immense and put together with the best of materials; and the new Pivi Pro infotainment system opens doors to the latest and most relevant of tech, and there are of course the 360 degree cameras, highly configurable all-digital instruments, and stats and data that help you when you are off-road.

The 300hp, 2.0-litre turbo-petrol is more than up to the task of pulling the behemoth around, and the P300 petrol is a lively customer that is surprisingly quick. The Land Rover Defender is the kind of vehicle that awes people, but it is also a very versatile one, and here, we are not just talking about the capabilities of its Terrain Response System or the absolute ease with which it handles a variety of environments, from traffic snarls to open highways. 

The Land Rover Defender, if you look closer, is also an SUV that is attuned to work and play, even in the most unprecedented of circumstances. Should you choose to hit the road that leads out of the city and onto unpopulated terrain, you’d realise that the Defender makes for an ideal companion not just when you are having a ball, but also when there’s work to be attended to.

You could think of the Defender as the corner office in the middle of the woods. Thanks to a bunch of charging points, the Defender keeps your devices all juiced up, and should you choose to answer a video call, the plush comfortable seats will ensure you don’t miss your throne at work. Defenders lovers will also point out that the domestic plug socket in the SUV is just the thing to have if you are the sort who doesn’t begin his or her day without sipping some fine coffee. And once the caffeine has helped you kickstart your day, the Defender’s large bonnet, with practical and durable surfaces, makes for an ideal desk on which you can chart your next move.

The Defender also comes with a centre console with fridge, which means your soft drink of choice or iced coffee can stay chilled and be opened just in time for that quick con-call. Clearly, the Land Rover Defender is an automobile that can take you away from the ordinary but also keep you connected — when you choose to. 

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