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GWM presents advanced futuristic technologies at Auto Expo 2020

The company is highlighting technical capabilities with safety, new energy and intelligent home systems at the motor show.

Automotive giant Great Wall Motor has made its grand debut at the 15th edition of the Auto Expo with an expansive setup. And while it has displayed a slew of production and concept vehicles that are wooing the crowd, the carmaker has also used the platform to highlight the technical capabilities it is leveraging across its vast portfolio. Over the past decade, GWM has invested more than USD 1.5 billion (about Rs 10,500 crore) for research and development of cutting-edge technologies ranging from new energy alternatives and safety solutions to intelligent cockpits. Centred around GWM's theme of 'Intelligent Mobility Redefined', these technologies have been showcased at the Auto Expo and have piqued the curiosity of visitors.

Intelligent safety zone

First up is the EV Tech Zone. Having started its preliminary research in battery cells as early as 2012 when EVs were still in their infancy, GWM has since then come a long way, and in association with its technology partner SVOLT, it now boasts an advanced range of batteries, motors, transaxles, hybrid and pure electric vehicle architectures. The company has the whole lineup on showcase at the Tech Zone, which is proving to be instrumental in making people aware of what exactly lies under the skin of an electric vehicle. And with the world fast moving towards an electric future, this could enable faster and early adoption of the more sustainable mobility solutions.

Intelligent cockpit

Next, and certainly one of the most novel demonstrations at the motor show, is the Haval Intelligent Cockpit and Home. Tapping into artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT), it showcases a concept which, as part of the demo, allows the attendees to control home appliances and gadgets connected with an 'intelligent vehicle'. This shows the immense potential of the technology and helps provide a glimpse of a future connected world. The installation is proving to be a major source of interest for many, especially the millennials.

GWM has invested over $1.5 billion into developing cutting edge technologies

Rounding up GWM’s lineup of functional areas is the Intelligent Safety Zone which brings to the fore one of the most important building blocks of the brand's range of vehicles. A body-in-white shell with all safety systems like structural chassis members and airbags on display gives visitors an insight into passive safety systems employed by the carmaker. The stall also highlights the company's safety philosophy of protecting the occupant, the vehicle as well as the pedestrian. A perfect 5-star rating in C-NCAP crash tests for numerous models further projects GWM's intense focus on safety. With a reveal of its immense technical prowess at the Auto Expo, GWM is certainly proving that it has the go to match the show.

Visit the Great Wall Motors pavilion at Hall No 1 at the Auto Expo