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The R1 is built on the ME platform, the first exclusive platform for electric vehicles in China

GWM EV: Future-ready today

The R1 electric hatchback and iQ, on display at the Expo, are proof of Great Wall Motor’s tremendous expertise in electric mobility solutions

Great Wall Motor (GWM) has been making waves at the 15th edition of the Auto Expo with a blitzkrieg of model unveils. And while the automaker's SUVs represent one part of its plans for India, the other part of its grand strategy for making inroads into our market comprises offering leading electric mobility solutions - a vision which resonates with the Indian government's push for electrification.

The company has announced that it plans to invest in battery research and development and manufacturing in India to promote the country as a hub for electrified technologies. To provide a teaser of its electric vehicle portfolio and its capabilities, GWM showcased two of its most promising new energy products at the Expo. Both models have received a tremendous response with people flocking at the Expo each day to witness the EVs in the flesh. So, what makes them such huge hits among the Expo visitors?

The first of the two products displayed is the R1 electric hatchback which has been developed to deliver on five core principles: high value, large space, smart technology, safety and high quality. Built on the ME platform, the first exclusive platform for electric vehicles in China, the R1 measures just under 3.5m in length giving it a compact footprint suitable for our bustling cities. However, short overhangs and a long wheelbase of almost 2.5m liberate copious amounts of space inside the cabin which gives passengers the impression of being seated in a vehicle from a segment above. It truly is the best of both worlds.

In terms of powertrain, the R1 boasts of a highly efficient electric drive system with a 33kWh high energy density lithium-ion battery pack capable of delivering a phenomenal mileage of 351km on a single charge. Moreover, the brake energy recovery function helps to further maximise the driving range by recuperating energy during coasting or slowing down. And being equipped with a rapid charging system capable of juicing up the battery from 5-80 percent in just 40mins, the EV promises a convenient and hassle-free ownership experience.

The iQ's e-motor pushes out 163hp and 280Nm of torque

But why just stop at convenience, when you can add sprightly performance to the equation? An e-motor with an output of 35kW (48hp)/125Nm delivered instantaneously means that the hatch can zip past 50kph from a standstill in a mere 5.6sec.

Completing GWM's production-spec electric vehicle line-up at the motor show is the fashionable and futuristic iQ. Introducing a body style uncommon in India, the compact fastback sedan has been a centre of attention at the company's pavilion. Up front, it wears a contemporary look with sleek headlamps and a closed off grille. View it from the sides and the roofline seamlessly flows into the fastback-styled tailgate which gives the car a bold and sporty stance. Clever packaging of the iQ is perceivable on the inside where the cabin offers a high riding position and commendable amounts of space and comfort, which in part can be attributed to a length of over 4.4m and wheelbase of 2.6m.

The iQ accords a new definition to strong performance with its front-wheel drive e-motor that pushes out 120kW (163hp) and 280Nm of torque. Providing energy to the powertrain is a sizeable ternary lithium-ion battery which can deliver a range of 401km on a single charge - enough for a week's worth of driving without the need to plug in.

As with the rest of GWM's model range, safety is the top priority with the EVs. Both utilise high rigidity body structures for a robust construction. Additionally, they feature safety kit like six airbags, reverse radar and camera, electronic stability control and tyre pressure monitoring system. In accordance with the company's ethos, intelligence is also weaved into both the vehicles in the form of an advanced voice control system, mobile app remote control and a mobile phone intelligent key.

Visit the Great Wall Motors pavilion at Hall No 1 at the Auto Expo