Modern Classics Daily
Most modern cars now come with advanced infotainment systems and driver aids.

Modern Classics Daily

8th Jan 2019 6:00 am

Perseus talks about how modern classics have a certain charm and sense of occasion about them.


Modern classic cars have a charm of their own. They are as reliable and easy to drive as contemporary cars and yet make you feel special every time you drive them. Modern classics are being highly sought after today, and with their demand and popularity soaring, you may ask how practical they are to use as daily drives.

Having owned a number of modern classics over the years, I’ve realised these cars do have their limitations. Driving them in crowded places or in heavy traffic and parking them in tight spots without parking aids can be stressful. You wouldn’t want to risk getting a ding or scratch on your pride and joy. That’s why they aren’t as easy to live with as regular contemporary cars.

Other things you miss in modern classics are convenience features like keyless entry, reversing cameras and automatic wipers. You also don’t have infotainment systems like Apple CarPlay, which are common even on modern hatchbacks today. Of course, you can retrofit a number of such features to your modern classic, but that would sacrifice the character and originality of such a car.

Maintaining a modern classic is also more painstaking than a modern car. Preventing them from rusting, as well as getting minor repairs can be difficult and expensive, with parts not always available at your local dealership.

I do not recommend leaving your modern classic parked unattended in public places either. They can be mechanically temperamental, and if you are unlucky, fixing a mechanical problem at times can cost you more than the car’s market value.

What really deters you from using any modern classic as a daily drive is that these cars aren’t as replaceable as current-generation cars. For example, it is easier to buy a new or pre-owned current-generation (F30) 328i or 330i than to find a good example of an (E46) 328i or 330i. Good examples of modern classic cars are getting increasingly difficult to find and their resale values are growing literally every morning when you wake up.

Nonetheless, if your daily running consists of driving on some fantastic roads, with a nice parking in a controlled environment, you can consider using a modern classic every day by all means.

However, if you want a car that’s hassle-free, stick to using a regular contemporary car with driving aids, infotainment systems, a comprehensive zero-depreciation insurance policy and extended warranty as daily drives, and restrict using your modern classics to late-night or early-morning drives and other leisurely outings.

There are plenty of modern cars you can buy and use as daily drives, and I really recommend buying the higher-spec variants for all their bells and whistles.

For me, I think I’ll stick to using modern classics as often as I can for their sense of occasion, because regular contemporary cars just aren’t as exciting!


Perseus Bandrawalla

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A car nut and motoring enthusiast who loves anything with a motor fitted to it. He is known for his obsession with modern classic automobiles and has extensive experience in all things automotive including running a motorsport team and curating automobile events.

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