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What is better than the Honda CB300R in the segment?

3rd Sep 2019 12:00 pm

Looking for a new bike for daily and weekend use.

I have booked the Honda CB300R but I am wondering if there are there better bikes in the segment?
I prefer a bike for leisurely weekend rides but will mostly be using it for city commutes.

Anil Kumar, Hyderabad

AAA - The CB300R is an impressive motorcycle and you’ll find our review in the June 2019 issue, or on our website and YouTube channel. Whether there are any better bikes in the segment depends on what kind of bike you’re after. If it’s speed and excitement, then the KTM 390 Duke still exists in a league above. Clearly, those aren’t your top priorities, and given that you want a comfortable commuter that can take on the occasional weekend ride, the CB is the best choice. It’s quick, comfortable and very easy to ride. The only thing to be aware of is that the bike is quite compact, so if you’re very tall, you may want to see how it fits. Aside from that, the CB is very easy to recommend.


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