The Tigor AMT could come to India in the next couple of months.
The Tigor AMT could come to India in the next couple of months.

Waiting for the Tata Tigor AMT

28th Oct 2017 9:00 am

Is it worth waiting for the Tata Tigor AMT or is it better to buy a Maruti Dzire?


I am looking to buy an automatic compact sedan primarily for use in Mumbai. My daily commute is 10km, with the occasional weekend trip out of the city. I have test driven the new Maruti Dzire (P) AMT and the Tata Tigor (P). I found the Dzire to be very easy to drive. However, the interiors felt a bit dated and the top-end pricey. The Tigor was a bit jerky up to the second gear but felt smooth later on. Its interiors were really good. I also read that the Tigor AMT might be launched soon.

Should I wait for the Tigor AMT or should I go for the Dzire? The waiting period of the Dzire is over three months. Will the Tigor AMT launch within this time frame?
Rajagopalan, Mumbai

AAA There is no official word from Tata Motors on the launch of the Tigor AMT. For a run of just 10km a day, the Tigor will do fine, though the engine may be a bit underpowered on the highway. Since you like the Tigor’s interiors and overall build of the car, we suggest you wait for the AMT version which should iron out some of the jerkiness you felt in the manual.

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