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Upgrading to a Royal Enfield Classic 350

18th Apr 2017 10:57 am

Looking to upgrade from a Honda Unicorn to a Royal Enfield Classic 350.

I own a Honda Unicorn, but am thinking about upgrading to the RE Classic 350. However, I have some doubts about the Bullet. Is it true that there is a battery charging problem in the Bullets and only Exide makes batteries for them? Are electrical issues common on Bullets? Is it as agile and low on maintenance as the Unicorn? Why do most of the roadside motorbike garages refuse to repair these motorcycles, when its mechanisms are basic compared to modern bikes? And lastly, would you recommended the bike for daily commuting in heavy traffic for short distances?
Sushil Mahajan, via email

AAA We aren’t aware of chronic battery charging issues with Royal Enfields. However, the Classic 350 isn’t an agile bike like the Unicorn, and overall build quality isn’t as good either. So you can expect to have to spend a little more time on maintenance, if you do buy this. But actually it is easy to find a repair person for Royal Enfield bikes, because of the same reason you have stated – they are low tech to work on. While you could use these heavier bikes to commute on a daily basis, don’t expect the same hassle-free nature and convenience of a lighter Japanese motorcycle such as the Unicorn.

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