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Upgrading to a BS6 Toyota Innova Crysta

28th May 2020 8:00 am

I am looking to upgrade from my 2006 Toyota Innova. Should I buy the BS6 Innova Crysta?

I have been driving a 2006 Toyota Innova for my personal business trips since 2006. And till date, I have travelled more than 3,00,000km without any major maintenance expenses. Kindly advise me, which car is suitable for my family of five for day-to-day use and for my business trips as well? Should I buy a BS6 model?

Prakash Maladkar, Kolhapur

Quite frankly, the best upgrade for you is the new BS6 Toyota Innova Crysta, as you are already used to the bulletproof reliability your current Innova gives you. We don’t think there is any other vehicle that is as reliable, and hence it’s best to stick to a tried-and-tested brand. You could consider waiting till September, when the facelifted Innova, which will have more features and a few changes, will be launched.


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