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Upgrading the tyres and engine oil on a TVS Apache RTR 160 4V

19th Feb 2019 2:46 pm

Looking for a replacement for the rear 130-section tyre and a recommendation for a new engine oil.

Which tyres are best for my Apache RTR 160 4V that has 130-section rear tyre? Should I replace the TVS Remoras that are currently factory- fit? Also, which engine oil best suites the four-valve, liquid-cooled fuel-injected engine?
Rohan Bhagat, Pune

AAA We quite like the stock TVS Remoras on the new RTR 160 4V, but if you do want to upgrade while staying with the stock size, you could look at the Pirelli Sport Demon. For the engine oil, you could use a fully synthetic 10W50 grade oil from a reputed manufacturer.

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