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Upgrading headlights on a 2011 Toyota Fortuner

9th Jan 2021 11:00 am

I find the headlights insufficient for night driving on highways. How can I upgrade them?

I own a 2011 Toyota Fortuner 4x4 MT. During night driving, I feel the headlights are not sufficient for highways. How can I upgrade the headlights and how much will it cost me?

Imran Khan, Jamshedpur

Given the age of your car, it is possible that the condition of the headlamp reflectors has deteriorated over time. We would first suggest getting the glass refurbished by opting for a professional detailing service available in your city or by doing it yourself.

After this, you could replace the high beam halogen bulbs with 100/90W specification bulbs from Philips Xtreme Vision or Osram Night Breaker series and fit them using a relay. This should cost approximately Rs 2,500-3,000.

On top of that, to ensure optimum lighting during highway drives, we would strongly recommend fitting a pair of auxiliary driving lights to complement the throw from the main headlights.

You can opt for Hella Rallye 700FFs and get them mounted ahead of the grille. A set would cost around Rs 5,500 and should solve the problem to a great extent. However, do take care to switch them off on two-lane state highways to avoid blinding on-coming traffic.

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