The Celerio AMT is an easy to drive car that has its basics right.
The Celerio AMT is an easy to drive car that has its basics right.

Upgrading from the Maruti WagonR

1st Nov 2017 6:00 am

Which automatic car should I upgrade to after owning a Maruti WagonR?


I currently own a 2009 Maruti Suzuki WagonR and would like to purchase a new car. I need advice on whether to go for the new 2017 WagonR or go for some other model, like the Baleno, for example. If it’s the WagonR, then is it okay to go for the high-end AMT version? In case of brands other than Maruti Suzuki, which one should I go for in the same segment? My budget is Rs 7-8 lakh.
YB Rao, Hyderabad

AAA Since you already own a WagonR, and we assume you are happy with it, it would be logical to get a new one with the convenience of an AMT. However, since you have a bigger budget, you could consider a bigger car. As a long-time Maruti owner, we suggest you stick to a Maruti as other brands may not offer you the same quality of service experience you are accustomed to. Hence, if you can make the stretch to a Baleno, it would be an ideal choice for you. But if that’s too expensive, you could consider either the Swift, which is an excellent car. Or if you need to have an automatic, the Celerio AMT is a good option and it’s quite affordable too.

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