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Three times the charm

2nd Dec 2012 3:53 pm

Looking for new car in the budget of Rs 35-40 lakh.

I'm looking for a new car on a b udget of Rs 35-40 lakh for me and my family which includes three kids. Our monthly milage will be about 1500km, and I keep the car for five to ten years. I love driving and I also think modern diesel engines make for a good driving experience. I have shortlisted the new BMW 320d and the Audi Q3, which of these would be a better bet? 

A Singh via email.

AAA If you like driving then BMW 320d is a better choice. In fact, the new 3-series is one of the best driver's cars today, thanks to its responsive engines and brilliant dynamics. The BMW saloon is also a bit more spacious in the rear than the Q3- to better acccomodate your three children. The Q3 is more practical but it's a bit on the pricy side because of the high registration tax it attracts being a fully imported car. Hence, we feel the 3-series is the clear choice for you. 

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