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The better Skoda

5th Aug 2013 6:59 pm

Needs help choosing between the Skoda Yeti 4x2 and the Skoda Laura DSG.

I’m planning to get a car and am confused between two Skodas – the Yeti 4x2 and the Laura DSG. My daily running comprises a mix of both highway and city driving. My priorities are good comfort and ride. Please advise.

Pradeep, via email

AAA We are big fans of the Yeti and feel it is much nicer to drive than the Laura. The ride and handling of the Yeti are brilliant, although passenger space is not so good. However, if you drive yourself, then the Yeti is the one for you. Since there is little demand for the Yeti, push hard for discounts and also keep in mind that your resale value could be very poor.

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