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Technical problems with a 2016 Ford Figo

19th Dec 2018 3:33 pm

Despite numourous trips to the service centre, the car still pulls to the left.


I own a 2016 Ford Figo and it has been driven only 20,000km. However, the car keeps pulling to the left side and despite taking it to the service centre almost 20 times – where they inspect it for days and say the issue is rectified – the problem remains. They can’t find the cause of the problem.
Sathiya, Coimbatore

AAA If a car pulls to left or right while the steering is in ‘straight ahead’ position, it is most likely a wheel alignment and balancing issue. Also, it depends on tyre wear – if you have replaced one tyre due to a puncture or some damage then the newer tyre will have a thicker tread compared to the remaining three tyres. This can cause a movement to a particular side; it is advisable to replace the opposite tyre as well when one tyre needs replacement due to a major puncture or damage. Problems in the brakes, like the brake pads not retracting fully after brake pressure taken off, can lead to brake drag that can cause pulling issues. Also, if your car is subjected to a lot of bad-road driving then there are chances that the link rods might have been affected, which causes misalignment. If you are unhappy with the diagnosis of your current Ford service centre, please get it checked at an alternate Ford service centre as well. 

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