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Tackling rusting issues on a 2001 Honda City

12th Oct 2018 1:50 pm

Advice on how to deal with rust on a car that is older than 15 years.


Maintaining a 15-year-old car, a 2001 Honda City, is a difficult task. I’ve been facing issues with rust on
the bonnet and boot. How should I tackle this?
Selwin, Mumbai

AAA Rusting is a serious problem that spreads if measures aren’t taken to counter and suppress it. If the rusting you’re facing is on the interior areas of the bonnet, then the best option would be brushing and filing to remove the rust, and then adding layers of paint along with a double coat of protective anti-rust solution. If the rust has created a hole, then sheet metal has to be welded in, painted and then given an anti-rust coating regularly on the affected areas (once a year will do).

However, if the rust is on the outside then it’s better to replace the bonnet, since any patchwork done can be an eyesore. Also care has to be taken in the form of using soft or salt-free water while cleaning, not letting water stay anywhere (door openings, inside areas of bonnet and boot, etc) and making sure the car is dry after a wash or rain. Getting underbody anti-rust treatment done at the dealer or 3M car care, which come with up to five years of warranty, is also beneficial. Make sure you get the coating applied on other affected spots. Anti-rust sprays like WD-40 – which can be bought online or in hardware stores – can also help in protecting to a certain extent.

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