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Suspension problems on a 2013 Hyundai i20

18th Oct 2018 2:00 pm

Advoce on a recurring issue with the i20's suspension and the cost to repair it.


I own a January 2013 Hyundai i20 Magna (O) model and it has done around 32,000km. The suspension is too soft and the ride on bad roads at low speeds is very shaky. Though this had been happening for a couple of years, Hyundai service centres maintained that there was no issue. I took the car to Bosch in Kammanahalli and then for service to Trident Hyundai (Bengaluru); both centres said the suspension was fine. However, after a diagnostic check worth Rs 4,000, the service centre told me that the suspension link was weak and had to be replaced during next service, and it would cost me Rs 14,000. Could you suggest a service centre that does a good job of checking and repairing suspension? Also, should I upgrade the suspension? Like changing the coil springs or shock absorber? How much will it cost me?
Vinod VC, Bengaluru

AAA The Hyundai i20 has a soft suspension setup, which is good at absorbing road irregularities at low speeds, but repeated undulations – common on our roads – can cause the shaky/bouncy character you are experiencing. You need to ensure you stick to manufacturer-recommended tyre pressure for a more comfortable ride and also slow down when such undulations are present. Switching to better tyres, like Michelin or Yokohama, will offer some improvement in ride comfort. Suspension links going weak at 32,000km is uncommon, unless you’ve been driving on really bad roads all the time. It looks like the service centre is trying to be opportunistic here. We would not recommend going to other aftermarket service centres, especially when it comes to part replacement. The best bet would be consulting another Hyundai dealer if you feel that something is wrong with the suspension compared to what it was before.

Regarding aftermarket options, you can contact Pete’s Automotive or Red Rooster Performance as they are one of the largest aftermarket suspension providers in India. This can be an expensive affair and can cost upwards of Rs 50,000, but it would provide better body control and minimise the shaky/bouncy ride of the stock suspension.

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