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Suspension problem on Maruti WagonR

12th Oct 2016 4:35 pm

I get a strange thudding noise from the front left suspension when negotiating bumps even at low speed.


I own a WagonR LXi (2005 model) and am facing a strange problem with its suspension. Whenever I cross a bump, even at low speed, I hear a strange thud sound from the front left side. I have visited a Maruti service centre and also local mechanics but was told it’s a common problem in WagonRs. Some suggested changing the tie rod, bushes and suspension, which I did promptly, but the sound is still very much there. Please help.
Sanjeev Das, via email

AAA It is indeed strange going by your experience. In such cases, you need to eliminate all the possible problem areas before arriving at the root cause of the issue. It is definitely not a common problem in the WagonR. Since you have changed several components already, we suggest you change the lower arm as well – a very important component in terms of suspension articulation. It should cost you around Rs 1,000 including labour and will hopefully get rid of the thudding noise.

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