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18th Oct 2012 6:19 pm

Looking for an automatic saloon.


I own a Honda City A/T and am looking to upgrade to a new car. I drive about 3,000km a month and my priorities are safety, comfort and a good resale value. What car would you suggest in a budget of Rs 22 lakh?

Rajeev Gupta, via email

AAA: Since you drive around 3,000km a month, it makes eminent sense for you to go in for a diesel car. For your budget, it’s best you go in for the VW Jetta for several reasons. Firstly, though it is bit pricey, the Jetta is still the best diesel saloon in its class. It is extremely well-built, very comfortable and thanks to its responsive engine and good handling, a pleasure to drive as well. The resale value isn't great but in today's market not many cars hold onto their residual value well.


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