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Steering issue on the 2016 Fiat Punto Evo

20th May 2019 5:40 pm

The steering on the Fiat Punto Evo pulls to the lift. Advice on getting it rectified.


My 2016 Fiat Punto Evo has been pulling towards the left side ever since it got delivered. I thought it was a tyre pressure or alignment issue, but even after getting the wheel alignment done, and repeatedly complaining during the vehicle service, the issue exists even today. During its third service, the technician at AV Motors tried convincing me that there is no pull towards the left but I showed him the issue on a test drive. He then said that this Fiat model pulls to the left due to its weight. As I commute daily, due to the pull, my right shoulder has started hurting and I have been suffering from shoulder pain since the last two years.
Akshit M, Hyderabad

AAA If your car is pulling towards the left then this problem can almost certainly be narrowed down to an issue with wheel alignment, uneven tyre wear or a suspension lower arm defect (to be checked at Fiat service). If the Fiat service centre is not able to fix the issue, we suggest you to try any other reputed wheel alignment and balancing shop around your place.

One thing to note is that the Punto Evo has a taller suspension compared to the standard Punto. So you’ve got to make sure the camber angles, toe-in/toe-out are adjusted according to the
newer suspension setup.

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