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Spring issues

14th Feb 2014 6:40 pm

Wants to know what type of coil spring to install in Santro Xing to increase ground clearance.


After installing a CNG kit in a Santro Xing, what type of coil spring of increased length must I use in order to increase the ground clearance from the rear?
Sunil Mudgal, via email
AAA The recommended way to go and avoid any guesswork would be to replace the original coil spring with the one that comes in the factory-fitted Santro CNG, as it would be tuned for handling the excess weight of the CNG cylinder. If you are looking at a more basic solution, you can look at having aftermarket spacers installed in the rear suspension (can be done at most accessory or modification shops), which will increase ground clearance without changing the springs. But the ride quality will not be in the same league as it would be with the replacement spring.
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