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Sportier drive

10th Dec 2012 4:38 pm

Looking for a sporty suspension upgrade on the i20

Can you please guide me on how to tune my Hyundai i20’s suspensions for a sportier drive?

Gautam Sharma, Ludhiana


AAA: Before you go through with an expensive modification like changing the suspension and lose your warranty, we suggest that you take a look at your car’s tyres and swap the OE rubber for a more performance-oriented option. With the right tyres, handling can improve considerably without making any other mechanical changes. You can choose between Michelin XM1, Yokohama A-Drive or BF Goodrich g-force Sport as upgrades. But if a suspension upgrade is what you seek, there aren’t any off the shelf aftermarket choices i20 suspension that we know of. But you can try contacting Mumbai-based N1 Racing on 022-24364197, Bangalore-based Methods Automotive on 080-22217879 and Red Rooster Performance on 080-43408899. Between them, they cover the largest selection of aftermarket suspension in India and it is possible that one of them may be able to order a one-off custom set for the i20 or have a relatively less-known aftermarket option imported from somewhere in South East Asia to suit your requirements.

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