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29th Sep 2012 4:24 am

Looking for a hatchback but not able to decide whether to buy a petrol or diesel.

I want to buy a hatch for my family. On regular days its just the three of us, but my parents do visit, so I want it to be spacious. The problem I'm having is deciding between a petrol car or a diesel- I only drive around 30km a day. I've looked at the Ford Figo diesel, but its a little beyond my budget. I'm also considering the WagonR and Honda Brio. Is it worth stretching my budget for the i10? 

Shailesh Mishra, via email

AAA: With the current trajectory of petrol prices going sharply north, we can understand how you feel every time you have to fill up. The Ford Figo diesel is actually a great choice as it is quite affrodable, has low running costs and it is not too expensive to mantain either. However, you will certainly save some money if you go for a WagonR, or even an i10 which currrently has some big discounts on it. 

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