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Sound defect

5th Jan 2015 2:14 pm

Every time the car rides through a pothole it makes a noise. What could be the issue?


I bought a brand new top-end Vento diesel in September. Every time I ride through a pothole, I can hear what sounds like cardboard being hit. The chassis seems to be unaffected. I contacted the service station, but they are not able to identify the cause. Can you help? 
Ram Narayan R, Chennai
AAA On the Vento, the fitment of hard mud flaps (OEM or aftermarket) tend to hit the pavement when the suspension compresses over potholes, particularly at slightly higher speeds (40-50kph). Hence, as you rightly said, it is not the underbody that is making the noise.
However, if you are feeling any movement being transmitted to your steering (the steering should remain rock-solid and vibration-free even when you hit a pothole at high speed), it is likely that the steering rack may have a defect, in which case, you should have it replaced under warranty.
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