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Scooter scouting

1st Apr 2013 7:32 pm

Which automatic scooter between the Honda Activa and the Hero Maestro is the better buy?

I am interested in buying an automatic scooter, but can’t decide between the Honda Activa and Hero Maestro. I’m looking for an easy-to-maintain bike that returns good fuel economy. Comfort level, performance, aftersales service and other additional features and accessories also matter to me. I would also like to know the approximate fuel economy and on-road price of both scooters in Surat.

Wakkas Kapadia, via email

AAA We suggest you consider a scooter outside your shortlist, the TVS Wego, as it offers a better overall package as compared to the scooters you shortlisted and will suit all your requirements well. Mileage offered by the Wego is in the region of 40kpl, depending on the conditions you ride your scooter in. You need to check the exact pricing within your region to know the right amount, as they tend to vary.

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