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Retrofitting cruise control on a Honda Amaze

21st Oct 2020 11:00 am

Can I retrofit a cruise control system to my 2019 Honda Amaze?

I wanted to know if it is possible to install an aftermarket cruise control on my 2019 Honda Amaze?

AK, Bengaluru

Retrofitting cruise control is complicated and involves a lot of high-precision work with the vehicle’s electronics. While the second-generation Honda Amaze gets cruise control, it only does so in its VX manual transmission variants. So, an upgrade would only be possible if your car is an MT. We would advice getting in touch with your service centre to check if it is possible to get the body control module (BCM), steering mounted controls and wiring harness from the VX variants installed in your car.

However, this could be very expensive and if the installation goes wrong, it could lead to huge safety issues. We would strongly recommend you avoid getting cruise control retrofitted in your Amaze.

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