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Require a big family car

5th May 2012 12:16 am

Here are the options for MPVs within a budget of Rs 10-14 lakh.

Q I want to buy a car and my budget is Rs 10-14 lakh. My average daily commute is 35km. I want a car with a rear seat that can comfortably accommodate three people. I’m considering the Toyota Innova, but I’ve heard that it is very difficult to drive in the city. Also, someone told me that Toyota plans to stop production of the Innova in 2014. Does Toyota have any plans of launching its mini-MPV, the Toyota Avanza, in India? Srinivas, Vijayawada

AAA There is no plan to launch the Avanza in the near future. Also, a mini-MPV won’t give you the third-row comfort that you require. You have been misinformed about the Innova. It is quite an easy car to drive thanks to its tractable engine and light controls. We feel it is the best choice within your budget. However, you could wait for the Nissan Evalia, which is more car-like than the Innova and has a generous rear seat too. The Nissan MPV will be substantially cheaper than the Innova, but it won’t be available before August this year.
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