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Replacing a 2017 Tata Hexa XTA with a new BS6 diesel SUV

26th Mar 2021 12:00 pm

Should you replace a three-year old Tata Hexa with a new BS6 diesel SUV?


I own a 2017 Tata Hexa XTA which I am planning to replace by the end of this year because it’s a BS4 model. So far, I have greatly enjoyed this car and finding it hard to find a worthy replacement. I am considering the Toyota Fortuner petrol auto/manual, but there are barely any reviews regarding the petrol model. Why I am keen of buying a petrol now is because there is barely any offset left between petrol and diesel prices, so it is difficult to justify the price difference between a petrol and diesel model. Is the petrol any good or should I consider something else below the Rs 35 lakh mark? A 7-seat SUV is my preference and a decent boot space is much required.

Sushant Sharma, Ghaziabad

Firstly, we don’t understand why BS4 is the reason you want to change your Hexa. Unless you feel the need to upgrade to a vehicle with a cleaner BS6 engine, we would advise you against replacing your Hexa if it is running fine, especially since it is just over three years old. BS4 vehicles are more frugal than BS6 vehicles and as you rightly say, there is no real replacement for the Hexa, which we feel is the best Tata in many ways, be it seat comfort, cabin quality, refinement and ride comfort.

If you are still keen on going for the Fortuner, we would advise you to go for the latest model with the upgraded diesel engine. Whilst the difference in cost between diesel and petrol has narrowed, diesels still make far better sense in a big SUV than petrols – one of the reasons why it’s hard to find a petrol Fortuner. A petrol Fortuner would guzzle fuel and won’t have the same torque as the diesel or be as nice to drive. Our advice is to stick to diesel if you are going in for a big SUV.

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