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Questions regarding a Kawasaki Ninja 650

7th Jan 2019 11:02 am

Can a motorcycle deliver more than its ARAI-claimed fuel efficiency?

I have a question regarding real-world mileage of the Ninja 650. ARAI testing gives it a mileage of 21kpl, but owner reviews online state that it returns 22-24kpl. I am interested to know the bike’s actual mileage in the city, on a highway and in the ghats. Can a car or bike return more mileage than an ARAI test? Also, I have a Hero Karizma R and I find it difficult to take sharp turns on ghat roads due to the bike’s long length. Will it be the same on the Ninja 650?
Suraj Shitole, Pune

AAA To answer your first question, fuel efficiency depends highly on the driving/riding style. Beyond how fast you like to go, multiple other factors, including how smooth your inputs are and how often you brake (every time you brake, you must follow up by accelerating), all affect how efficient a vehicle can be. So yes, it is possible that these owners are getting this efficiency out of their Ninjas. ARAI testing is usually done in-house, under highly controlled conditions that are typically very hard to replicate in the real world.

As for your difficulty in taking tight turns, try to change the line with which you approach the corner. Starting wide, and then coming in towards the point of maximum curvature of the turn will make it much easier, instead of just hugging the inside line of the turn. Be sure to do this safely – be mindful of traffic behind you – and also without crossing into the side of oncoming traffic. The Ninja is a bigger bike than the Karizma, so if you take the wrong approach to a tight turn, you will face the same issues.

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