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Polo vs Scala

27th Jan 2015 5:15 pm

Between the VW Polo GT TSI and Renault Scala RxL CVT, which one has low maintenance cost, is reliable and delivers good performance?


I want to buy an automatic car below Rs 10 lakh. I am confused between VW Polo GT TSI and Renault Scala RxL CVT. Which one should I go for, considering reliability, low maintenance cost and performance? ARAI mileage for both are almost the same – 17kpl. I prefer the Polo but my family likes the Scala more. Please help.
Ravi Shekhar, Jamshedpur
AAA The Polo and Scala are very different cars. The Polo is much nicer to drive, feels more solid and has far better interiors. However, we can understand your family preferring the Scala as it is much more spacious than the Polo, has a huge boot and is in effect a much better family car. Whilst ARAI figures may be similar, the real world mileage depends on your driving style. But it’s easier to extract better mileage from the Polo as the engine is smaller.
In terms of maintenance, the Scala, which is essentially a Nissan Sunny, is likely to be less troublesome like most Japanese cars. The Polo GT TSI has earned a good reputation for quality but VWs have a reputation for being costlier to maintain, though their spare parts prices have become more competitive over the years. In the end, the choice will depend on whether you or your family wins! 
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