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30th Mar 2015 3:47 pm

Wants to know why it is harmful to fit a larger rear tyre on a motorcycle?

I own a Honda Shine with alloy wheels, whose tyres need to be replaced. I enquired at five tyre replacement locations and they say it’s fine to fit a larger rear tyre. I remember Autocar India advicing against the same earlier. Please explain to me why it is harmful to put a larger rear tyre? 
Shridhar Watve, via email
AAA In general, upgrading the tyre size is not a good idea for a bike, given the motorcycle is engineered in all other aspects for the size supplied stock. That means, the bike suspension and frame, apart from other aspects, are all made to take only that particular size of tyre, and so clearance between mudguards, chain guards, etc, can all change with the new size, and leave your bike facing some negative side effects.
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