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Off-road decisions

13th Oct 2012 5:17 pm

Looking for an SUV within a budget of Rs 13 lakh.



Q: I’m planning to buy an SUV within a budget of Rs 13 lakh. I recently test-drove the Renault Duster 108bhp model and was very impressed with it. Is it a good choice or are there better options? 

Nitish, Hyderabad

AAA: We concur with your first impression of the Duster and we too have found it to be a very capable SUV. The 108bhp model is on the pricier side, but then again for the price, there is no other SUV quite like it. It is tough, drives well and is quite fuel efficient too. So don’t worry, your decision to buy the Duster is a good one, but make sure there is a Renault dealer in your vicinity.


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