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Noise trouble

4th Sep 2013 9:06 pm

Has excessive noise coming through at speeds over 110kph in his Honda City.

I bought a Honda City V manual and was very happy with its overall performance. However, on a drive some time later, the motor got extremely noisy when I clocked speeds of over 110kph and the engine was spinning at 3000rpm. I went to the service centre and was told that it’s perfectly alright. I’m not convinced. Please suggest a solution.

Nikhil, via email

AAA There should be no problems doing the speeds and rpm you have mentioned in your City as Honda engines are known to be rev-happy units, so 3000rpm is by no means stressful. Have you tried clocking similar speeds and checked if the issue crops up again?

We’d suggest that you have a diagnostic test run at the Honda Service centre (where a device is hooked up to your car’s ECU and tells you if something is wrong). If the test is fine and the issue doesn’t surface again at high-speeds, you have nothing to worry about. As a precaution, you can also have the exhaust system checked for leaks as even a single hole somewhere can produce resonance at a certain rpm.

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