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New tyres for 2012 Audi Q3 diesel

20th Jan 2021 3:20 pm

Looking for rugged and puncture resistant tyres than can do occasional, mild off-roading.

I have been your reader for 20 years now and I say this with pride, above anything else. My question is, what are my replacement options in India for the tyres (235/55 R17) of my 2012 Audi Q3 2.0 TDI Quattro? I need them to be rugged, puncture resistant on my farms and good for occasional mild off-roading. Also, they should be good for exploiting the car’s top speed on highways in a safe manner. What is your opinion on the Maxxis S-pro (V rated)? Is it safe at high speeds on highways?

I heard the Pirelli P7 or Scorpion Verde are not rugged tyres. Highspeed safety, off-road ability, price, service/warranty support, brand, longevity are my priorities in this order. My existing tyres are Continental Sport Contact 2, which have run 70,000km already.

Ajay, Bengaluru

Thanks for being a reader for so many years! Both, the Pirelli and the Maxxis are good choices as replacement tyres for your Continentals, which have given you a wonderful service at 70,000km. The Scorpion Verde are primarily for highway use, hence the off-road capabilities might suffer a bit. You might also consider the Michelin Latitude Sport. The Maxxis S Sport seem to be more for highway use, with good grip in dry and wet conditions, while in off-road conditions, it may suffer with wear and grip.

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