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New headlamp for Bajaj Pulsar 135

15th Mar 2017 10:30 am

I would like to increase the intensity of my headlamp without overloading the battery.

My Bajaj Pulsar 135 uses a 35/35W headlamp with a 12V 5AH DC electrical system. I would like to increase the intensity of my headlamp. Please do suggest what wattage and make will be good for the same without me overloading the battery.
Uma Shankar Baruah, via email

AAA It isn’t possible to increase wattage or modify the electricals to accommodate a more powerful headlight without stressing the existing wiring system on the bike. Instead, check the present system to ensure all leads are well secured, clean and oxidation- free, the sealed beam is clean, free of any ‘yellowing’ that sets in with age, and the bulb is in good working order.

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