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Modifying a Volkswagen Polo

7th Jul 2016 10:49 am

I am considering supercharging my petrol Volkswagen Polo to churn out maximum power from the engine.

I purchased a petrol VW Polo in February and am considering a supercharger to churn out the maximum power from this beast. Is this a good idea, and where can I get it done?
Sanjeev Garg, Chandigarh

AAA Do not try these radical modifications on your new Polo. It will immediately void your warranty and can even leave you with serious engine damage and a massive repair bill if not done right.
The 1.2-litre unit isn’t well-suited for modifications — you should have opted for the GT TSI or at least the diesel variants if performance was a priority as they have far more power in stock trim and are easier to modify as well. We recommend that you enjoy the car as it is, at least till the warranty runs out, before tinkering with it. Stick to the basics — an air filter and a free-flow exhaust system is a good way to start.

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