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Modifying a Honda Civic

17th Jul 2017 1:16 pm

What engine modifications can I perform on a stock Honda Civic to enhance performance?


I own a 2006 Honda Civic MT which has clocked only 56,000km. The car has been sparingly used, is in showroom condition and drives like a dream. I intend to use it for another couple of years as a spare car and, hence, am planning to spice it up.

What engine modifications can be done to a stock car easily to enhance its performance and make it sound sportier? Also, where can I get these modifications carried out professionally? Budget is not an issue.
Varun Pherwani, Pune

AAA Like most Honda cars, the Civic lends itself to modifications fairly easily. Being on sale throughout South East Asia and Japan, there is no dearth of aftermarket parts. However, beyond a point, you will need a good tuner who knows the car inside out to ensure that your Civic stays reliable while the fun factor goes up by a few notches.

To start with, we would suggest you get some good aftermarket suspension as the stock suspension might be due for replacement and you can use this opportunity to put in some high-quality parts. Red Rooster Performance, based in Bengaluru, can help you out with a set of Tein Suspension for your car. It is expensive, yes, costing north of Rs 75,000 for a set, but well worth it.

The India-spec suspension is too soft and comfort oriented and isn’t able to exploit that finely balanced chassis. You will feel the entire character of the car transform when you put on aftermarket suspension. Also get some nice 16-inch alloys and sticky tyres – something from the likes of Michelin to go with it.

Once you have the running gear sorted out, you can start with an intake kit and a full exhaust system. Red Rooster should be able to sort these out for you as well, albeit, you’ll have to be ready for a road trip to Bengaluru.

Modifying the car should be a long-drawn process, a hobby that you will enjoy and, by knowing the car and its limits, every step of the way makes it even more fun. Happy modding!

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