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Maintaining a bike's drive chain

21st Jan 2017 11:00 am

Could you please provide instructions on how one should lubricate the drive chain of the bike manually?

Could you please provide instructions on how one should lubricate the drive chain of the bike manually? I require this because the cost of this basic maintenance keeps increasing each time I approach service personnel.
Abhishek Kalro, via email

AAA Yes, that’s an excellent query, and thought. You’re on the right track being prepared to look after your bike yourself, and once you get the hang of it, you will find it is not so difficult.
Poor chain maintenance is a common issue with new- generation bikes in India which run exposed, O-ring sealed chains. Although an exposed chain looks sporty and smart, these require regular maintenance, which when not carried out can cause serious reliability problems, thereby ruining your riding pleasure.

Follow the mentioned steps to look after your exposed drive chain:
Purchase cans of chain cleaning agent and lubricant spray that sometimes use dry lubricating agents such as graphite. Motul makes a good product, available across India for approximately Rs 500.

Take the motorcycle to a pressure wash bay, where the chain can be cleaned out, first using the cleaning spray can, or even a locally available cleaning fluid such as kerosene instead. Get a used plastic water bottle, and make a small incision in its lid through which you can spray the cleaning fluid onto the rotating chain, with the bike started, running in first or second gear and rear tyre firmly suspended off the ground.

Next, clean the cleaning fluid off along with residual grime using high-pressure water spray, immediately after which all remaining water should be removed using pressurised air.

Following this, rotate the rear tyre and spray the chain lubricant, evenly covering all sides of the chain with a film of lube to protect it. Repeat this every 500km, and at slightly quicker frequency if riding in exceedingly dusty or rainy conditions regularly. Never use, or allow a service centre/mechanic to use any form of oil on your exposed drive chain, as this will do it more harm
than good.

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