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Mahindra Mojo or TVS Apache RTR 200

7th Jun 2017 3:30 pm

Looking for a punchy motorcycle above 200cc with a comfortable seat for daily commute and occasional highway runs.

I'm from Kerala and I am planning to buy a bike which is in the 200cc to 400cc segment. My main concern is my height. I'm 5ft 6in and I want to know which bike would suit me best. I prefer naked bikes (sporty is okay), but need a comfortable seat for my pillion too (which is not there in the KTM 200). I plan to use the bike for daily city ride and once in a while, for touring solo. Can you please suggest any other option from the list of bikes launching this year? The Apache RTR 180 is perfect for my height, but I need a minimum 200cc bike. Is the Mojo a better option for my height, or should I go for Apache RTR 200 4V? Please let me know.
Ashik Ajith, via email

AAA The RTR 200 4V will be a good choice for you. It is a peppy motorcycle for city use and has plush suspension too. The RTR 200 4V's smooth engine will also feel at ease on your occasional tours. And regarding height – don't let that restrict your choices. It's the taller adventure bikes that require some care. Most of the mass-market bikes, even the slightly tall ones, just need a little getting used to.

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