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Looking to upgrade from a 2010 Honda Civic

15th Aug 2018 10:35 am

Choosing between a BMW X1 and a Skoda Superb with a Rs 40 lakh budget.


After years of owning a 2010 Honda Civic, we have now decided to change our car. Our budget is Rs 40 lakh and our choices are the Audi Q3 and the BMW X1, because of their badge value. Since this car is mostly going to be driven by my father, I took him for a test drive. He liked the X1 better than the Q3, as it had the more comfortable rear seat, and felt better while driving. However, I also thought of giving the Skoda Superb L&K a try. I know it’s entirely a different animal, but it’s also similarly priced. I immediately saw a big smile on my parents’ face, which I did not see for the other two cars. Should I go for the X1 or the Superb? My father is 6ft tall, heavily built and drives 50km daily.
Navin, Coimbatore

AAA While the BMW X1 is a good car to drive and has that bit of snob value, for a person with your father’s build, we feel it might be a touch too cramped for the price. If he liked the Skoda Superb L&K, we suggest you go for it. It is far more comfortable and more powerful than the X1, and is overall a better car to own and drive. It is better value for money too. 

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