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Looking to buy a stylish commuter bike with a good pillion seat

28th Oct 2018 2:21 pm

Deciding between the Suzuki Gixxer and Honda Unicorn.

I want a stylish and economical commuter that will be comfortable for my wife who’ll be a pillion rider. I like the Gixxer but I think the Unicorn may be more fitting for more requirements.
P Arulananth, Erode

AAA Considering that your wife will be a frequent pillion rider, the Gixxer may not be as sensible a choice as the Unicorn – which will probably be more comfortable for her. We suggest you take a test ride together. If you would like something a little more exciting than the Unicorn, you could also consider the Honda Hornet 160R . Its pillion seat should be more comfortable than the Gixxer’s, and it is more stylish and quicker than the Unicorn. It might just be the happy compromise you need.

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